Posted by: callalilystudio | August 16, 2010

Northern Maine Vacation

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My husband is from Stockholm, Maine.  We just got back from visiting his Mom for a few days.    I love visiting her and taking in all the beautiful scenery up there!  I wanted to share a few shots of the town that I took on an early morning walk.   I  have lived in Maine all my life but hadn’t really seen Northern Maine until I married Tom.  They seem to have a different pace of life.  I have always said I feel closer to God up there.  I say, ” up there” because it is in Aroostook County- Northern Maine.  The trip takes us about 5 1/2 hours if we don’t stop – which we do – since we need to stretch our legs about half way up.   We had fun but it is nice to be home.   I have another week of vacation and I am looking forward to working in my studio!



  1. The pictures are great. I took that same shot of the General Store. Love the yellow chairs. It makes me really miss going with you guys. Oh well, next year. You should try and sell some of these shots. They so look so serene.

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