Posted by: callalilystudio | January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sorry, I am late in wishing everyone a Fabulous New Year!  I have been sick with the worst virus –  I can’t believe how miserable I am feeling.  I have had it for almost 1 week.  I can’t even say that I am feeling better!   I may have to visit the Doctor on Monday.  rats!  No way to start the New Year.  But I hope yours is fabulous!



  1. Bon rétablissement
    bonne année
    biz MD

  2. oh God I was going to msg u on scs that how are you as I saw u do not posting,so I thought I have to visit ur blog, bad time fever,consult a Good doc, a very happy New year to you friend and ur family, hope you get well soon,I will pray.


  3. “Rats!” is right! A terrible way to start the new year. Let’s just say you’re getting that out of the way and the rest of the year will be wonderful. Get well soon! and a Happy New Year to follow.

  4. Feel better soon! The new year can only get better, right? Soon you’ll be be back to making those incredible cards that inspire me so!

  5. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling okay. Prayers for you to get better. Love your cards . The best to you and family in 2011

  6. Hope you feel better soon! No way to start the new year! Happy 2011!

  7. O yeah I have a blog,I gave the link on SCS with some of creation where details is required,u have very bad cough and cold,as I read ur comment, take good care and gel well soon.


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