Posted by: callalilystudio | January 22, 2011

Fairy Tale Valentine

Happily ever after......

I love Kim’s instructions for the Standing Pop Up card.  If you scroll down you will find the link to her video instructions.  It is really fun to make and her instructions make it easy.  I have made this dragon before but  in a much larger size.   I had to shrink him down to fit him on my card.  The dimensions for my card are a little bigger than Kim’s since I  had to fit both the dragon and Tilda on the card.  I also gave Tilda some petticoats and bling on  her tiara and shoes.  She is a little princess!    This card will lie flat and fit into a 6″ x 6″ envelope.   I love my new Tilda stamp- she looks like she is reaching for the Dragon’s hand!  So sweet!  In the back of Tilda is the castle she lives in.  It’s hard to see because they are out front but it is the Castle door behind them.   Home Sweet Home!

This card will lie flat!



  1. What’s not to love about this card? Nothing! From the dinosaur and Tilda, to the background castle and the basic card design and mechanism, this is one great card! Thanks for sharing. Whoever receives it will keep it forever.

  2. Love her petticoat and white gloves. The dragon is awesome. Ezra would love the dragon on one of his cards. Tilda is a cutie.

  3. I love the dragon. Do you have instructions for it? Your card is very sweet. I love Tilda’s too — lucky you getting them at half price

    • Hi Tonilea-
      I don’t have instructions but I will work on it. As soon as I can, i will post something that will help you make the dragon. Thanks for your comment!

  4. so sweet! glad you are having fun with my sliding pop up card tutorial!

  5. Love your gorgeous pop up card.

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